Christopher Bautista 

Height: 6'0"  |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black

Christopher Bautista has appeared in films, on television, on the stage as well as in commercials.  His mission in life is to prove that there are no limits on what one can achieve with a strong work ethic, an outrageous amount of belief, and the fortunate circumstances to be surrounded by encouraging people to his left and right pulling for him as he does for them.



The Grand Theatre   |          Fences        |   2019  |   Lyons

The Grand Theatre   |        The Wars      |   2018  |   Captain Taffler

Tides and Tales       |What I Haven't Said|   2017  |   Principal


Dir: Matt Fasullo      |      After Animals   |   2018  |    Lead


Dir: D. Arnold         |        Da Capo        |   2018  |   Supporting

Dir: Archie Zhang    |          Heroes         |   2018  |   Lead


IQ Productions        |            Swiffer        |   2018  |   Lead

Publicis                  |            Westjet       |   2018  |   Lead

OPC                      |           Pro Line       |   2018 |    Supporting

 Training & Workshops 

The University of Southern California 

Theatre, Film, English Literature: Creative Writing

 Special Skills 

Christopher has over a decade of mixed martial arts training including close combat training, weapons handling, and marksmanship.  He has served as fight captain on numerous theatrical productions including during his most recent appearance as Capt Taffler in Timothy Findley's The Wars


Christopher is a published writer and spoken word artist performing his work at private and public events, as well as concerts and poetry slams. 

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